In the project initialization phase in particular, we support you with location analysis, feasibility and concept studies, advise you on performance requirements and objectives, take over due diligence checks and create 3D visualizations as well as films and animations.

In addition, we are always there for you with ongoing projects. Whether you are facing a challenge or just need advice –  we will be happy to assist you with all of our expertise and experience.

At the start of a project, we determine and plan your needs. We advise you on the selection, procurement and transfer of land and objects. We take care of the inventory for you as well as the technical substance investigation and we take care of all necessary documents. In addition, we would be happy to support you in the allocation of planning and expert services.

For location analysis, we examine the building law, architectural and design options that arise from the development plan. Furthermore, together with our partners we check the environmental compatibility, the environmental relevance and examine the profitability of your project. We collect the structural ACTUAL- data and incorporate all the results and location factors into a comprehensive, well-founded location analysis that helps you reliably plan the next steps.

What solutions are there for your project? We review what is possible, feasible and economically feasible. We analyze the solution approaches and estimate the opportunities and risks. This is done, for example, by spatial or architectural cubature models based on a site analysis or within the framework of an existing master plan. Also relevant are the construction law permissibility with regard to the local building regulations and the factory development planning. This way, you can prevent bad investments, avoid risks at an early stage and decide on the best solution.

construction project. It is also the basis for internal coordination and decisions. You will therefore receive the comprehensive planning of your construction project – both in terms of design, as well as on functionality, space and logistics. Together with you, we define the requirements and goals of the project and coordinate the deadline and budget. In your concept study, we also briefly describe the structures and show how you can implement the project structurally.

We take care of all necessary coordination with relevant authorities, for example the building law and town planning office, nature conservation office, environmental office, lower water protection authority, road and traffic office and others. We clarify approval and process procedures and control and monitor all the necessary services. Also in the procurement of the required special reports and expert opinions with regard to the Federal Immission Control Act, BImSchG, TA Lärm acc. § 48 BImSchG as well as of reports according to the Water Resources Act WHG, reports according to We accompany you in a competent and goal-oriented manner in the Federal Plant Ordinance for Water Hazardous Substances AwSV, as well as signature-technical and structural dynamic vibration reports. And so you have your back free for other tasks that are important to you.

A picture says more than 1,000 words. What more can a three-dimensional picture then convey? We present buildings, interiors and urban development in a photorealistic way. Always tailored to the existing color concept, the previously agreed upon design requirements and your corporate architecture specifications. This creates vivid presentation documents for sales, press and media, for building signs, advertising systems and much more. We also like to visualize the structural location in the urban context.